Ownership Changes and Roadmap
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Hello and welcome all! I am XDerpingxGruntX, the new Owner of HCFaded! I hope my time here can provide everyone with a fantastic and fun experience on the server!

About Me

   I originally began playing Minecraft in 2012 as a lot of people have. Originally, I thought the game was rather... dull? As if a game where everything is blocks could be fun right? Of course I was wrong, and I became immediatly hooked. I didn't really start playing on servers until around 2014, and in 2015 I started staffing Minecraft servers. Over time, and with my growing experience I decided that it was time for me to start running servers. In early 2016 I began an array of game servers of variable success. Overall, I have staffed 16 servers, owned 13, and developed for 4. Unfortunatly in 2019 I ended up burning myself out and stopped operating my servers. Here in 2021, I am back to bring HCFaded to the top, and use my time and experience to improve yours!


Plans for HCFaded

   My initial plan is to get HCFaded up and running, run a few seasons and see what improvements can be made based on my own observations and player feedback! Off the back, I have reorganized the staff structure and permissions, cleaned up the Discord and forums, and currently optimizing the server to improve loading times and FPS.


Opinion on P2W Systems

As soon as we get going, I plan on removing any trace of P2W (Pay to Win) functions of HCFaded. This includes kits, keys, and the ability to buy lives. Why? For starters, it is against the Minecraft EULA to profit off of their intellectual property (Minecraft). P2W systems also bring unwanted attention, and honestly just ruin the experience for everyone. In my opinion, having the ability to buy power and abilities ruins the core concept of HCF and gives those with money an unfair advantage. For those who have purchased any of these ranks, you will be still beaable to use them. The items in the store will instead be replaced with cosmetic only items intended to support the continued development and improvement of HCFaded. Myself and the staff team will not accept money or donations for our own gain, only to support the server's continued existance.


What I'd Like From You!

The best thing that you can do, is spread the word! The more players, the better the experience! We also encourage all players to report any bugs to the staff team, and help us to deal with any problem players that are sure to come. In addition, we will soon be seeking dedicated players to join the staff team and assist us with keeping the servers clean!


Thank you for reading, i hope to see you all on the server soon!

Discord: XDerpingxGruntX#3811
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