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This thread will introduce you to the staff ranks and their roles within the community!   Owner: Owners of HCFaded. Duh. Manager: Assist the Owner’s in the daily functions of HCFaded from administration, training, staff monitoring, unban requests and so on. They will act in place of the Owners when they’re away. If you notice staff members breaking rules or abusing their role, contact those in this role or an Owner. Admin: Admin’s have the same role as Moderators but can be trusted with additional tasks and duties as they have more time and experience under their belts. Moderator: The backbone of HCfaded’s administration team, Moderators have the time and experience to be granted full administrative privileges including banning, kicking, mutes, and so on. Moderators can also assist with player reports and support tickets. Trail Mod: Trial Mods are learning the ropes and proving their worth as future moderators. They have very limited administration ability and are encouraged to work with higher ranked staff members. Developer: As the name suggests, Devs assist the Head Admin and Owners with maintaining the website and servers infrastructure. Devs are not an administrative rank and thus can’t render punishment except in the most dramatic of cases. Builder: Builder’s do exactly as stated. They build! They build server structures such as a spawn area, shop, or trading points. Builders are not administrative and can not render any sort of punishment. All server staff roles are volunteers who dedicate their time to keep the server running smooth! Those who wish to apply for a staff position can do so from the 'Applications' section!
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