Welcome to the HCFaded rules page!

Thank you for browsing through the HCFaded website. Our team applauds you
for attempting to follow our community rules. In this section of our website you can find all
of our Minecraft server rules and allowed mods. Though extensive, these regulations were made
to counteract any exploiters, hackers, and other disturbances in order to provide the best possible
experience for our community. You do not need to thoroughly read through all of our rules, but if you
are unsure about anything, you may skim through this page or ask one of our staff members.

HCFaded Server Rules

Rule #1
DOX/DDOS/SWAT Threats: Threatening a player with “ddosing,” “doxing,” or "swatting" will result in a permanent ban. This includes posting IPs in chat as well as pizza bomb threats. Additionally, the possession/access of any databases, booters, or stressors will result in a permanent ban or blacklist. If there is a direct threat or an IP leak on a different server, we do not punish you for this. However, if there was a threat on a personal/faction discord server, we do punish for this.
Rule #2
Advertising: Advertising another Minecraft server via a youtube video, discord link, or server IP will result in a ban.
Rule #3
Toxicity & Racism: Any form of toxicity or racism will not be tolerated and result in a temporary mute.
Rule #4
Death Threat: Any type of suicidal encouragement will result in a temporary mute.

 Rule #5
Staff/Server Disrespect: Any form of staff or server disrespect will not be tolerated. However, punishments do vary.
 Rule #6
Spamming: Spamming global-chat with the same message up to 3 or more times will result in a temporary mute. Promoting spam will also result in a temporary mute.
 Rule #7
Character Spam/Chat Flood: Flooding global-chat with rows of the same characters or many shortened messages will result in a temporary mute.
Rule #8
Sale of Accounts/Items/Ranks/vouchers: Attempting to sell any accounts/items/ranks/vouchers is prohibited and will result in a ban.
Rule #9
Misuse of /helpop: The /helpop command is only to be used for questions. Asking for a keyall or for a staff member to message you is also fine. Any other use will result in a temporary ban.
Rule #10
Disrespectful Nickname/Faction Name: The use of a disrespectful nickname with /nick will result in a temporary mute. Creating a faction with a disrespectful name will also result in a mute.
Rule #11
 Hacked Client: The use of a hacked client or any unfair advantage will result in a ban by staff or the anti-cheat. This also includes unapproved mods. To find a list of approved modifications, click here.
Rule #12
Auto Clicker/Macros: The use of an auto clicker or a macro that serves the same purpose as an auto clicker will result in a ban by staff or the anti-cheat. Using two mice to click is allowed, however.
Rule #13
X-ray: The use of x-ray or an x-ray texture pack will result in a ban. Additionally, the use of a clear lava texture pack will also result in a ban.
Rule #14
Recording a Screen Share: Any attempt to record a screen share will result in a ban. Our methods are not to be shared.
Rule #15
Clearing Recycling Bin: Clearing your recycling bin before a screen share will result in an instant ban.
Rule #16
Ban Evasion/Mute evasion: Any attempt to evade a ban or mute on another account will result in a permanent IP ban.
Rule #17
Abusing a Glitch/Bug: Abuse of a glitch/bug will result in a ban. A few examples of bugs/glitches would be using cobwebs to escape a faction trap, using glitches to get into a base unfairly and more. If you have a question whether a certain aspect of the game is considered as abusing a bug/glitch, you may ask some of our staff members.
Rule #19
Inappropriate Builds: Building inappropriate content will result in a ban.
Rule #20
Assisting a Hacker/Ban Evader: Knowingly assisting or allying with a hacker will result in a ban. Repeatedly inviting a player to your faction that you know is banned on another account will also result in a similar ban.
Rule #21
Scamming: Scamming in-game items is allowed.
Rule #22
Lying to Staff: Lying to staff members in Teamspeak or in-game will result in a ban.
Rule #23
VPNs: The use of a VPN is prohibited and will result in a ban.
Rule #24
Abusing Partner Coupons: Buying players iron rank with any of the partner coupons will result in a permanent ban.

Rule #25
Buying Iron/Gold Ranks for Players with Higher Rank Coupons: Intentionally de-ranking a player with these ranks will now result in a permanent ban from HCFaded.

HCF Rules
Rule #26
Insiding: Intentionally giving a disadvantage to the faction a player is in is not allowed. This includes stealing items, deliberately dying, letting others into a base, etc. This will result in a ban, and the faction involved will be rolled-back.
Rule #27
DTR Evasion: Kicking a player that is about to die from a faction will result in a ban for the member that kicked them.
Rule #28
DTR Boosting: Using alternate accounts to boost a faction’s DTR will result in a ban. However, having a family member in your faction is allowed.
**Note: DTR Boosting is allowed on kits!**
Rule #29
Illegal Trapping: Trapping players in illegal traps will result in a ban. This includes suffocating, drowning, and burning traps, as well as placing a block over a player’s head so they are unable to pot or pearl. An example of this would be pulling a piston with a glass block on a players’ head so they’re stuck and can’t pearl.
Rule #30
Allying: Teaming with another faction is not tolerated on the server. You can ally under these strict terms when both of the factions are allied to the single faction
Rule #31
Kick & Kill: Inviting a player to a faction and then kicking and killing them when they f home will result in a ban. If you kick a player that is online, you must give them time to leave the base. Reverse kick and kill will also result in a ban. If providing proof to staff, we need visual evidence of who hit who first so we can assess the situation properly.
Rule #32
Unally and Kill: /f unallying and instantly killing former allies will result in a ban. The same rules apply as kick and kill.
Rule #33
Block/Pearl Glitching: Glitching into a base or out of a trap with an ender pearl is considered pearl glitching. Deliberately breaking blocks in another faction’s claim to kill and/or hit a player is considered block glitching. Both offenses result in a ban.
Rule #34
Holding Hostage: Holding a player hostage through repeatedly combat tagging them with no intention of killing the player will result in being punished. If you have 2 people trapped and you want to tag the other person whilst you’re trying to kill one, that is allowed as long as you’re not trying to waste time.
Rule #35
Griefing: Placing and/or destroying blocks outside of another faction’s claim, which disrupts the natural terrain, will result in a ban. Using water to get your faction member out of a trap is allowed.
Rule #36
PVP/SOTW Timer Abuse: Abusing your PVP timer to give yourself an unfair advantage will result in a ban. Additionally, using your SOTW timer to give yourself an unfair advantage against people who have disabled their SOTW timer will result in a ban (e.g. trapping someone in your claim/base or looting a faction while having SOTW timer enabled).
Rule #37
Duping/Attempting to dupe: If you Dupe or are caught attempting to dupe, you will be permanently IP Banned from the server. An example of attempting to dupe would be by attempting to duplicate items such as keys through roll backs.
 Rule #38
Freezing Minecraft: Deliberately freezing your Minecraft in any way will result in a ban.
 Rule #39
Abuse of /panic: Abuse of the /panic command will result in a ban. /panic should only be used in the case of blatant cheaters (bhoppers, speed, fly, etc.) rather than someone you suspect might be hacking. /panic can also be used in other situations where you are about to die due to a glitch or someone else breaking the rules (illegal trapping, etc.). You must be able to prove, in some fashion, that someone was breaking the rules against you.
Rule #40
Inappropriate Item Renaming: Inappropriate item names are prohibited. Punishments vary.
Rule #41
Kill Boosting: Boosting your killstreak/total amount of kills through an alternate account or friend will result in a temporary ban.
Rule #42
Number of Rogues: Having more than two rogues in your faction (including allies) and fighting at one time on HCF will result in a punishment for everyone equipped in rogue.
 Rule #43
Anvil Spamming/potion spamming: Anvil spamming/potion spamming in a faction's claim, spawn, or warzone will result in a punishment.
Rule #44
The use of Printer: Using printer is not allowed, however, using schematica is allowed. If you are caught using a printer, you will be warned to stop, but if you continue, you will be temporarily banned.
Rule #45
Stealing sub-claims: If a player has a sub-claimed chest in a faction, you're not allowed to take their stuff whether or not you're the owner of the faction. If you're going to kick a player, you may give them their stuff back. They can also join the Discord and wait for an administrator to manually obtain their items from the staff member. In addition to that, if you want your items transferred by staff to a new base, you need to have those chests sub claimed to your name.

Approved Mods

Toggle Sneak / Toggle Sprint
Battys Coords Mod
Minimap Mods (No Entity / Player Radar)
Armour Status HUD
Status Effect HUD
Fast Chat
Direction HUD
Player API
Keystrokes Mod
Shiny Pots
Any Mods that change client-side time
Any Waypoints Mods
Spotify Mod
Saturation Display
ResourcePack organizer
5 Zig
Motion Blur